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Blue Jay Cocktail Bar Cardiff

After enjoying many successful years offering our clients the very best Pan Asian buffet experience, our vision of Fine Dining has truly evolved.

Proudly boasting our all-new A la carte dining and Bar experience in the centre of Cardiff, We take you on a journey through some of the best culinary regions of the world. Encapsulating the delights from the USA, India, The far East and of course, Italy. 

The ideas were born, developed, and fine-tuned during the tough Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020.

Here the thoughts and ideas to create a fusion between not only the kitchen and Bar but the world’s continents.

There we found the Blue Jay concept, a way to serve our guests with the utmost passion and professionalism whilst they ponder the delights to be enjoyed from around the world.

Our mission, to achieve as close to our guests’ requirements by allowing them to choose from the best quality dishes that our chefs can prepare. Experience vivid flavours, tastes and drinks whilst enjoying the atmosphere and service created and provided by the Blue Jay Team.

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